Blobologist-approved reads: Downy dinosaurs, slippery snakes, aquatic apes and aging eyes

My ScienceSeeker picks for the week:

  • There are giant feathered tyrannosaurs now…right? at Tetrapod Zoology dissects, prods and gently squeezes last week’s news of giant feathered tyrannosaur fossils and those lovely paintings of fuzzy dinosaurs in Christmassy weather, despite the claim that:

“ dinosaur news is mostly ignored here.”

It should be no surprise to hear that the consistently awesome Ed Yong and Brian Switek also wrote great posts on the same news nugget.

  • A bit of field biology slapstick is brought to life in Snake Escape, a guest post at Living Alongside Wildlife by Michael P. Wines.

“I climbed about ten feet (three meters) up and used my monkey-like intellect to poke it with a long stick..”

“Silence in the scientific world is an ominous sign, not a victorious one.”

  • Blue Light Special for the Aging Eyes at Postironic Distillation follows an interesting line of research on the effect of aging eyes on our circadian rhythms and associated diseases.

“ age 45, the average adult’s photoreceptors receive only 50% of the light needed to fully activate the circadian system.”

On that note, I should close the lid on this light-emitting laptop and get some health-giving sleeep.



One thought on “Blobologist-approved reads: Downy dinosaurs, slippery snakes, aquatic apes and aging eyes

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