Blobologist-approved reads: Wife killers, buzz killers

My ScienceSeeker editor’s picks for this week: Oh-shit-is-it-Thursday Edition

My apologies for only picking two posts this week. This does not reflect a down-tick in the quality of posts, it reflects an arbitrary (and possibly unachievable) work deadline that was sprung upon me. Luckily, I have been keeping an eye on the excellent ‘Our favorite toxic chemicals’ blog carnival at ScienceGeist (#ToxicCarnival), so I didn’t miss this:

Killers that sux

Which is a killer Dr Rubidium post (at the Journal of Are You Fucking Kidding) that traces a sordid history of the non-legit uses of the paralytic drug succinylcholine (aka suxamethonium chloride, or ‘sux’). Sux sux. Unless you need to be intubated, in which case sux saves.

Keeping with a somewhat chemistryish theme, my other pick is from David Kroll at Terra Sigillata, on the ‘de-caffeinating chill pills’ that offer to kill your coffee buzz quick-smart. Probably not so smart, argues the skeptical David. But who are these regretful coffee-drinkers that apparently make a market for this product? Ever considered just not drinking the coffee in the first place? Too easy.

De-caffeinating pills? Say it ain’t so, Think Geek



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