-20 days.

In three weeks time, I will do a final test of my pipettes for any lingering traces of radiation and I will give my boss a back-up copy of all my data files. I will empty my freezer space of a hundred different kinds of DNA and throw out dozens of baggies full of plastic tubes, the refuse of experiments that were forgotten, or abandoned, or re-frozen for a rainy day.

After that, I’ll cease to be a bench scientist. Of course, I’ll never cease to be a scientist, but once I leave the bench, I won’t be contributing to knowledge in quite the same way, which is sad. But the fact that my life won’t revolve around the growth whims of a microbe is not sad.

And, of course, since it’s my final three weeks, I have about 10 weeks-worth of experiments to do in order to finish up my project, so it’s going to be even more quiet than usual around here.

But, fear not. I’ll be dropping out of cyberspace for a few weeks, but when I get back, everything is going to get a lot more interesting at The Blobologist.

Clean-up time


2 thoughts on “-20 days.

  1. Good luck finishing up, and with all the excitement that goes along with it! I like that you clarify that giving up on bench science doesn’t mean you stop being a scientist. I recently realized I’m probably not every going to be a bench scientists again, and I appreciate the distinction.

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