Blobologist-approved reads: Icefish, cancer stem cells, fusion chromosomes

My ScienceSeeker editor’s picks for this week

Sorry for the extended hiatus in my picking activities. I’d give you excuses, but they all involve me having too much fun to find the internet, and I don’t want to make anyone cranky.

(In case you haven’t come across them before, Antarctic icefish are some badass fish. They don’t have red blood cells. Antifreeze runs through their veins. They dominate the almost-freezing waters of the Southern Ocean. They also don’t have swim bladders, which means they spend most of their time resting on the ocean floor, taking it easy. Really easy. I once overheard a pair of tourists commenting on a very real pair of icefish in an aquarium, complaining about the use of plastic fish models in place of real fish.)


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