Blobologist-approved reads: Privilege, pigeons, polyester, paleontology & pythons

My ScienceSeeker editor’s picks: The between conferences edition

A field guide to privilege in marine science: some reasons why we lack diversity by Miriam Goldstein at Deep Sea News

A much-needed list of the barriers that can prevent people from making it in science. If you’re a scientist, I insist that you read this.

A Dream Deferred: How access to STEM is denied to many students before they get in the door good by Danielle Lee at The Urban Scientist

Miriam Goldstein’s field guide prompted an important post from Danielle Lee, in which she shares her stories from the trenches of high school science fairs. Even if you’re not a scientist, I insist that you read this.

Pigeons: Darwin’s Unappreciated Avian Assistant by Michael Wheelock at The Incubator

Why pigeons and not finches should be remembered as Darwin’s best feathered friends.

My Sweaty Valentine by Rebecca Guenard at Scientific American Guest Blog

Why is it that polyester always make you smell so bad? Rebecca turned her sweaty synthetic experience at ScienceOnline2013 into a wise-cracking journey into the science of B.O.

Why Paleontology Is Relevant by Sarah Werning at The Integrative Paleontologists

Turns out it’s not just because paleontologists often teach anatomy to med students.

Calories aren’t right on labels and maybe that’s OK by David Despain at Evolving Health

Does a doughnut = an apple? Does a calorie = a calorie? Does a whole rat = a blended rat? The answers to these questions and more in David’s fascinating write up of a AAAS meeting session on counting calories.






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